Don’t Have to Imagine Love

What can I say?

I have been trying hard to post at least once a week, but recently I’ve been sidetracked or just lazy, lol!  Today, though, for whatever reason, I feel like writing.  I feel like an aha moment has hit me in the head.  Just now I realized I don’t have to imagine love.  Love is everywhere.  I love myself, I love my friends, I love my Family-I love acquaintances, I love people I don’t even know, okay some of them.  People love me (yup, even ex’s for better or worse).  Despite a world of tumult and chaos, and, yes, hate-historical and current, love abounds.

That said, I may never finish my book, Love Imagined, but it will always nudge me to come back to it, keep adding to it-keep writing towards understanding of who I am; and, yes, I will keep posting to  my blog, Love Imagined.

I have always known I needed a balance between living and writing, but what does that mean?  For now, it means living.  For now, it means only write when the muse overwhelms me.  For now, it means take a step back to ruminate, take a step forward to live life to the fullest.

For now, right now, I am just thankful and appreciative of who I am and of all the wonderful, smart, sensitive, supportive, absolutely beautiful people-many who have a great sense of humor-I know whether we’ve crossed paths for a moment or a lifetime, whether you’ve come and gone come and gone.

Friends like Annie whom I’ve known since kindergarten.  Annie has seen me through more relationships than anyone I know, who has sheltered me, fed me, held the reception for my second wedding in her home and more recently joined me on a boat in Vegas to take videos of my son’s wedding.  Annie who has dragged me to class reunions-where I’ve reconnected with other friends-like Patty.

Friends who have entered my life at various stages of my life.  Friends who have mentored me. Friends whom I have mentored. Friends who have cried with me. Friends who have laughed with me. Friends who don’t care if I know whether I use “who” or “whom” correctly.   Friends who don’t judge me; and friends who do judge me, lol.  Friends who I can call in the middle of the night.  Friends who know what I mean when I say “I can’t afford to.”  Friends who also can’t “afford to.”  Friends who may not know they are friends. My publisher; Victor.  People who have read my books and found something meaningful in my words and those who have given me critical feedback.  My cousin Jay and his wife Shirley-love you!  My dislocated worker counselor.  Friends who know me as “Buttercup.”  My neighbor Alice.

I could drop a lot of names (never use the words “a lot” be specific, ha! Okay, noted for another post, list of names) but you know who you are and what I’m really trying to get at (never try to force a triggering subject) is although I, like many, have lived/live through racism, sexism, ageism-all those isms-and have tried our best to create awareness and change we still have to find that balance, find what works for us to do what we can and still be happy, still have a life.

The last ten years I have had an amazing life.  I have had two books published, I have edited several books, I have taught and co-taught (with Laurie Young-Williams) writing workshops from Moorhead to Mankato (and in September 2012 Maidenrock, Wisconsin at   Running Dog Ranch.  I had an almost ten years of working with incredible writers from across the country with the incredible Split Rock Arts Program.  And, I now have four wonderful grandchildren. And, and, and…..

I have also had challenges or as I’d rather call them “inspirations.”  Ethan, my grandson, is four and non-verbal autistic (I have met amazing bloggers as I search to know more about autism)  I was laid off of my job, then due to a fluke I lost my unemployment three months before it would be up anyways, and soon I will lose my health insurance and life insurance (until I turn a marvelous 65 in January when depending on the political situation should be able to be somewhat covered by Medicare).  I applied for jobs on line only to be rejected a few minutes after submitting an application (but “friends” have helped me through to soon be working again).  I have maxed credit cards and borrowed from one to pay another (but I have A-1 credit and so far have never paid a bill late, and my sister has been extremely generous/and not judgmental).  I’ve cried a few times, but mostly I’ve kept a positive attitude, a smile on my face, and always made sure I found ways to entertain myself AND keep my gray roots from showing-friend Jackie!

As a writing teacher I believe in the the triggering subject, but right now it seems like the triggering subject is taking me a long time to get where it’s going, so bear with me.  Or better, yet. I will just stop here (no one likes long blog posts anyways, save something to keep ‘em comin’ back as the saying goes).

One more thing, as Whitney said, “It’s all about love.”

Sherry Lee

August 15, 2012

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  1. Love this post…yes, my friend, we are loved!

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