It’s been way too long since I’ve posted to this blog.  I have many excuses.  Mainly, since I was involuntarily retired in August, I’ve been contemplating an “encore transition.”  What now?  Finally, I have time to write, and I did, for awhile.  I wrote furiously.  Finally, I started writing my memoir.  It took me to familiar and unfamiliar places.  I wondered why I was writing it, so I stopped writing.  But, amongst other things, I’ve been reading.

I just finished reading The Fortune Cookie Chronicles by Jennifer 8. Lee.  Loved this book.  A wealth of information gathered around the topic of fortune cookies!  I was most interested in the immigration of Chinese restaurant workers. Although my father worked in the famous Minneapolis Nankin Café most of his life, he didn’t come to this country to work in a Chinese restaurant, but that is where he ended up.

Fortune cookies were actually a Japanese creation, not Chinese, and are mostly an American phenomenon.  Applause to Lee for her detailed research that spanned the globe.

I will get back to writing my memoir, and hopefully will post more often to this blog.  Meanwhile, writers have been asking for my help with what they’ve written.  I enjoy working with other writers and promoting their work.  I also enjoy the time I now have to spend with family and friends.  Eventually I will find a new job, but until then I will do all the things I love to do-and even some that are difficult, like writing.

Peace, health, and happiness to us all in the upcoming new year!

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