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I am Sherry Quan Lee, writer, poet, author, Chinese/Blackbird.  You can read about me on my Web site at


Victor Volkman, Loving Healing Press, set me up with a blog site and now it’s up to me to blab. 


For me, writing is difficult.  I have been invisible for most of my life, so what I write puts a face to me, dresses me up, shows all of who I am good and bad, wild and stoic, angry and calm, hot babe (LOL.  For the longest time I thought LOL meant lots of love. Yes, I was disappointed to find out it meant lots of laughter.) and cool grandma.  As a writer I allow myself to be vulnerable, to be brave to be intensely honest.  It is difficult because I am afraid that who I am and what and how I write will conjure criticism.


Well, of course, indeed, writers write to be read. Even closet writers look for approval, don’t they?  Even disapproval, although annoying, can give us a prompt to write some more, to defend or explain what may not have been understood first time around.


Of course the most feared criticism is but ya can’t write.  I’ve heard that one before.  So I revise and revise and revise until my work is lifeless and so am I—limp, dull, boring.


Thus, although I tend to think I’m not controlling, it is with much reluctance that I let go of a first or second draft and recklessly fling it into cyber space.  Not prime characteristics for a blogger.  When I administered the Women of Color:  writing blog, I was able to manage a message every three or four months at the most.


So, why am I attempting to blog again?  I have a lot to say.  The more one writes the better their writing.  No one will talk to me! so I’ll talk to you, whomever you are.  And…..


I am blogging because my publisher, Victor, is the wizard of marketing and if I only follow through on one of the hundreds of marketing suggestions he has made, I will feel like I’ve discovered the key to the kingdom.  Though, for me it’s not so much about selling books; however, I would love to honor Loving Healing Press with a few sales. 


Me, I’m on a mission.  I wrote a book about how writing saved my life.  I believe it has, literally and metaphorically.  Blogging will be an avenue for me to share my writing philosophy (like identity, it can change over time), and to share my writing, even my writing in progress, as it progresses.  And to share wisdom I’ve collected from other writers (and family and friends). 


You say, yet another writing blog by a writer for writers blah blah blah blah.  Maybe.  But, hopefully I will use all of the creative and spiritual power within me to keep this site lively and engaging, and maybe even valuable.



First Draft/No Revisions (okay, I did the spell check, but I didn’t stop to contemplate “whomever” or “whoever”)

August 3, 2009



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  1. Sherry, I can’t wait to see how this blog unfolds and to read what you have to say! Ann

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