Brenda Bell Brown, filmaker: a writer who dares!

Click on the link above to see a film by Brenda Bell Brown.


I am a writer an editor a social justice advocate, but I don’t have the answers.  But we all have stories.  And Writers Who Dare! are sharing theirs whether through the written word, spoken word, music, or film.  Will anyone listen?–Sherry Quan Lee, editor, How Dare We! Write: a multicultural creative writing discourse

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Author. Poet. Teacher. Mentor. Chinese/Blackbird.

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  1. I am so honored by this share of my film “There But For The Grace of God: responding to the revelation.” None of us are promised tomorrow; this is my testimony to that effect. I and all who labored to make this film are humbled by your support. If you would like to feature this film in a program addressing homelessness/gentrification/urban renewal/foreclosure/social activsm art/economic disparity or any number of the issues inherent in its message, please contact me @ to arrange for myself or my crew to present and/or facilitate. Thank you.

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