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    Date: 2014.07.26 | Category: Assignments | Tags:

    How many of us have a love/hate relationship with social media?  For several months I blocked my Facebook account.  Truthfully I was a little envious of friends who travel and a little tired of friends asking for money.  Being semi-retired I have more time than money, usually.  But truth be told, I missed my Facebook friends (and I don’t really want to travel, and I give when I can  without being asked) .  I get newsworthy information, especially regarding the arts/artists/writers/books/movies/etcetera, as well as updates and photos from friends.  What I don’t fancy, I skip.

    However, now, I’ve been self-learning about other social media such as Twitter and Pinterest and making more use of my Linked-In account.  Many of my friends are utilizing all four social media outlets and I want to too!  So far it’s been fun, and educational-but I wonder if I have the stamina or the time to keep it up (as blog entry dates indicate, I’m a slacker).  I focus on two things:  writing, especially writing about mixed-race identity, and fashion, especially relating to thrift store finds!

    Here are my accounts:




    And you are here at blog.sherryquanlee.com !


    What’s your experience with social media?