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    Date: 2015.01.16 | Category: This & That, Workshops | Response: 0

    Applications now being accepted for the 2015-2016 Loft Literary Center mentor series!  So honored to be one of the poetry mentors.



  • After the Book

    Date: 2015.01.07 | Category: LOVE IMAGINED, The Art of Writing, This & That | Response: 1

    Minnesota. Sunny but brrrrrrrr cold .  Blessed to be inside, but eating too much comfort food and watching too much daytime tv!

    However, a spurt of energy has given me the ability to cross off one more item from my “to due” list / purging page after page of hard copy drafts of lOVE IMAGINED.

    It has to do with age, space (lack of), and living in the moment .

    I will be sixty -seven this month, closer to the unknown daily; respectful of my sons who will have to figure out what to do with my “life’s ” stuff after I pass; I recycle frequently.

    My domain is 800 square feet small; I like it clutter free / room for beauty.

    Living in the moment means, for me, to be aware of the past but not to carry it with me/ not to let it weigh me down.

    I lighten my load, periodically,     To breathe, to be able to move forward, and to allow the possibility for love.


    Do you save copies of all your work? Hard copies? Computer copies?  Why or why not ?


Artist Statement

Sherry Quan Lee approaches writing as a community resource and as culturally based art of an ordinary everyday practical aesthetic. Lee is a Community Instructor at Metropolitan State University (Intro to Creative Writing, Advanced Creative Writing), and has taught at Intermedia Arts, and the Loft Literary Center. She is the author of A Little Mixed Up, Guild Press, 1982 (second printing), Chinese Blackbird, a memoir in verse, published 2002 by the Asian American Renaissance, republished 2008 by Loving Healing Press, and How to Write a Suicide Note: serial essays that saved a woman’s life, Loving Healing Press, 2008.


SHERRY QUAN LEE photo by Charissa Uemura




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