I’m offering one free poem critique per week. If selected, your work and accompanying critique will be published on my blog site at no cost to you!

    February’s Theme-of-the-Month: poems will be selected by my very subjective belief that it is about love. Not the sentimental kind of love, the kind some of us never experience, but what love triggers. Perhaps the poem is longing for love- love for humanity. I have been writing a collection of love poems for longer than I will admit, and still do not have enough poems for a chap book, but I believe in the love of poetry, the love that reading and writing poetry can give us. Nikki Giovanni is, I believe, the Goddess of love poems: Love Poems (William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1997), and Bicycles (William Morrow, 2009) (I have a bicycle poem, but my bicycle is blue). I have collected more mighty fine love poems than I have written. But then, every poem is a love poem, isn’t it?

    How it Works:

    • By submitting your poem, you have agreed to its publication on the blog.
    • The free weekly critique will be randomly selected from all of the poems submitted for the standard $10 critique.
    • If your poem isn’t chosen for the week’s free critique, you agree to submit the $10 payment as soon as possible by PayPal.
    • At this time, only short, one page, poems will be accepted.
    • Poems must be sent in by email in a Word (or compatible document) to quanleesherry@gmail.com
    • Depending on demand, critiques will be returned within a one week period. The length of individual critiques may vary.

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