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    Chris Stark

    Chris Stark

    “Crazy” essay by Chris Stark:  How Dare We! Write, edited by Sherry Quan Lee

    Chris Stark’s memoir essay addresses how viewing as “crazy” the
    ideas, experiences, and foundations of writing outside of the
    whitemalenorm limits, silences, and marginalizes many writers of
    color. Stark discusses how her first novel, Nickels: A Tale of
    Dissociation, breaks down sentence structure, punctuation, language,
    and style to authentically convey the intersectionality of the protagonist’s
    multiple marginalized identities.

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    Acclaim for NICKLES, Chris Stark, Modern History Press

    “Christine Stark has crafted a language and a diction commensurate with the shredding of consciousness that is a consequence of childhood sexual abuse. She brings us a wholly original voice in a riveting novel of desperation and love. Nickels is narrated by Miss So And So, as her mother names her, from the ages of 4 to 26, a character so compelling I never wanted to stop hearing from her. She names herself crazy girl, but the reader sees a different truth: there’s humor and cunning and ferocious love alive in those who survive. Stark enables the reader to inhabit the intricacy and chaos of this potent inner landscape, and we have not seen this before. Every sentence vibrates with a terrible beauty. Every sentence brings the news.”

    —Patricia Weaver Francisco, author of  Telling: A Memoir of Rape and Recovery