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    Fear of not knowing is a chilling

    fear, a cold war fear, green walls,

    bowed heads, the fear

    baby boomers might have experienced;


    I wanted suicide pills in my pocket, just in case

    I didn’t want survival. Fear of what:

    a nuclear weapon, a bomb? No bomb

    shelter. I was clueless.  I wasn’t fit

    to be a living martyr.


    But, that was then, pre-Kennedy.  I was

    eleven or twelve, without words.  Intellect

    was government food on the table, cradled

    by child support and a fearless, single




    2017, fear is hot, fear an inferno.

    Fear deeper than a sixth grade girl,

    green walls, a cold war.


    THIS fear is smart fear.  Aware.

    Listens.  Questions.  What is

    An Executive Order?  Grand

    Standing, a stance set in brick

    walls?  Walls do eventually

    crumble or get knocked down.

    I like my walls to be fences,

    fences to be metaphor, satire,

    and cost nothing—but wisdom.

    Free words rumbling

    and tumbling wild.


    This fear knows too much.  It weighs

    heavy with take aways and prophet




    I have known prophets. Who hasn’t believed

    they were Jesus? I was a flower child, more

    child than prophet, more disciple than deity.

    Some of us deserve empathy.  Call it



    Some say mentally unstable,

    deranged.  Don’t be fooled.

    One has to be worthy

    of psychiatric labeling  as excuse or definition.

    Evil.  Out of control narcissist. Evil.

    I’ve seen it before, but never this pronounced.



    Greed is unbelievable and unbecoming.  Greed will be

    Undone.  I call for a bell bottom revival, tie

    dye shirts, and love-ins.  “The Mystical Magical Tour”

    and the “White Rabbit.”


    Reefer is everywhere, we’ve got the weed.  At least,

    until another Executive Order.


    “Mystical Magical Tour,” Lennon–McCartney, 1967, 8 December 1967

    “White Rabbit,” Grace Wing Slick (Jefferson Airplane)


    ©Sherry Quan Lee

    January 26, 2017