• All American Baby

    Date: 2017.01.29 | Category: GIFTS OF RESISTANCE 2017: creative writing | Tags: ,,,,

    Ann Freeman http://upsidemyheadpayattentionnow.blogspot.com/2017/01/thoughts.html


    My beautiful baby grandchild exists because of the courage of her grandparents on her Cambodian side who fled terror, genocide, the killing fields, and sought refuge here, in this country, in this cold northern state. They started over, raised a family here. A family that included a daughter who met my son who found love in each other and made a baby together. A baby descended from at least three Asian cultures, refugees, African slaves, European colonizers. An all American baby.

    This country

    Founded on genocide and slavery

    Yet the Statue of Liberty

    And millions of proud immigrants and refugees

    Indigenous people rising up

    No water no life

    Black Lives Matter

    The is us

    Messy and difficult

    Facing a new terror from a demagogue who could be our undoing

    But we the people

    We the people