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    Really, I can’t believe I haven’t posted since November!  Really! (I think some things may have gotten lost!)  However, I have discovered some wonderful information as I have continued to research LOVE IMAGINED.

    First, I had a note to  myself to Google The Kim Loo Sisters because they are the reason my Chinese father got a job at the famous Nankin Cafe and why I often got to eat Nankin Special Chow Mein.  Not expecting to find anything about the dancing/singing sisters (who are Chinese and Polish), whom my father chauefered until the Loo sisters’ father  got my father the job at the Nankin.

    This is what makes writing memoir so rewarding.  Verification of what you think you know to be true.  Not only do the Kim Loo sisters have their own Facebook  Kim Loo sisters page, the daughter of one of the sisters is writing a book about her mother’s and aunts’ lives and quickly moving forward with a documentary about them.  Lesli Li is a writer.with several books to her acclaim.  She immediately responded to my email:  “I spoke to my 93-year old mother about your father Billy Quan and, yes, she remembered him.  Her eyes lit up and her whole demeanor changed to recall being a Kim Loo Sister based in the Midwest and that pivotal part of her life and career.”

    Here is the hot off the press UTube video Kim Loo Sisters You Tube Trailer for Documentary of the sisters my father knew that helped make the way for him to work at the Nankin Cafe where he met my mother who was also working at the Nankin.

    Other news is just as exciting.  Updates sooner than later, I promise.

    Sherry Quan Lee

    April 12, 2013

    Snow in April is not all bad, I actually spent a day at home writing! Here are the URLS that don’t seem to work where I linked them- ahhhh, if only I had a techie over my shoulder looking out for me-Victor, I know you’re there, kudos, always.  I can do this.  I can do this.  If the links below don’t work, please cut and paste.