THE MOBILE PHONE NOVEL excerpt from The Consequences of Writing Without Reading by Buzz Poole

I wanted to share this post (shared by a friend on fb) by Buzz Poole, particularly the following information:

On a much larger scale, this is the same mentality that drives the Japanese “mobile phone novel” phenomenon, keitai shoushetsu. All the rage in Japan and China, stories and books written via cell phones are huge business, according to Wired UK: “The largest mobile phone novel site, Maho i-Land, features more than a million titles and is visited 3.5 billion times each month. In 2007, five out of the 10 best selling novels in Japan were originally mobile phone novels.” This popularity has spurred Movellas, a Dutch company, to set up a similar model in Europe with its eyes on English-speaking markets. CEO Joram Felbert equates the books to diary entries.

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