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  • How Dare We! Write reviewed by Tom Holmes (The Line Break)

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    How Dare We! Write Review by Tom Holmes, check it out!


  • LOVE IMAGINED audience and message

    Date: 2014.11.10 | Category: LOVE IMAGINED, Reviews of my Books | Response: 0

    I was recently asked the following questions by a reviewer:

    1. What is the primary/most important message in Love Imagined and how do you think readers will relate to it?

    The message I was trying to express is how history/historical events play into one’s identity. I always wanted to write a book that paralleled historical events across color lines in the USA. However, it was too overwhelming for me to find the emotional energy to do so, but I was able to, at least, tell my own story: the journey of a Chinese Black woman who grew up in South Minneapolis passing for white. My publisher went out of his way to help me get permission to include quotes that were historically relevant.

    2. Also, is it for a certain, limited audience that the book will have good/meaningful appeal?

    Actually, no. Scandinavian friends from high school have found connections to the story beyond location. One friend actually said, knowing the main message was one of a mixed race identity, there was much she could relate to. Also, at a recent reading, a younger, mixed woman said my story was her story. I was concerned that my age, 66 years old, would have younger people poopooing it; but, I’m discovering they can relate. At the same reading a married couple, two young men, explained that one of them was searching to know more about his mixed identity. I am also hoping my story will have an impact in women’s studies and ethnic studies classrooms.

Artist Statement

Sherry Quan Lee approaches writing as a community resource and as culturally based art of an ordinary everyday practical aesthetic. Lee is a Community Instructor at Metropolitan State University (Intro to Creative Writing, Advanced Creative Writing), and has taught at Intermedia Arts, and the Loft Literary Center. She is the author of A Little Mixed Up, Guild Press, 1982 (second printing), Chinese Blackbird, a memoir in verse, published 2002 by the Asian American Renaissance, republished 2008 by Loving Healing Press, and How to Write a Suicide Note: serial essays that saved a woman’s life, Loving Healing Press, 2008.








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